regimen review – Read this before you buy it


The post you are about to read is my 1 month experience on regimen. I had to eventually stop it and take Accutane for some reason but I think my experience is worth reading in order to understand the regimen better.

If you know the regimen from YouTube videos, which ensure you the regimen “will work” (In fact Its hard to find a review that proves otherwise), you might wonder what the regimen actually is and how it works.

Before saying anything, it’s interesting to know that the regimen is based on one of the oldest over the counter acne treatments (Benzoyl Peroxide) and has nothing new. The founder of the website , Daniel W. Kern, has used Benzoyl Peroxide treatment for a long time to fight his own acne and he eventually succeeded. After trying to ask other medical companies to make more efficient BPs, he finally decided to produce his own regimen and make the regimen that we see today.


Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%:


Why not 10% Benzoyl Peroxide? The website states to avoid over drying of the skin. Using 10% BP a month before starting the regimen I have to tell you that it dries your skin as bad as a 10% BP. The advantage you have is you can apply more of 2.5% BP.


This is how I woke up using the regimen for a week


* I have to warn you if you want to apply fair amount if BP to see results faster, you have to expect really bad peeling. There is no way to escape it. You will experience dryness no matter how much or what kind of moisturizer you use. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

If you apply the BP primarily on your chicks you are gonna feel them every time you smile or eat something. I remember having a burger (1 month on the regimen), went to restroom 2 minutes later and saw my skin peeled all over my cheeks.

As I already said, I was on different benzoyl peroxides before I start the regimen and I have to express my satisfaction with the BP. It simply feels and absorbs better (or at least feels like it). Because of the whitish color of the BP it may give you the illusion that your acne scars are faded, which I think could be used as your advantage.

The price of BP is not cheap. It’s not very expensive but a little above the average prices. For example you can purchase 8 oz. of 10% benzoyl peroxide for $15 whereas is around $20.




Either your on the regimen or any other acne medication I really recommend this cleanser. It would never dry your skin even if you wash your face 5 times.

I still use the cleanser to this day, even though I stopped using the regimen 7 months ago. It has a very affordable price (only $11 for 16 oz.).

That being said, one of the drawbacks are its too gentle. So you will have issues of washing your make-up or sunscreen. I had a problem washing the BP off my face. By “gently” washing my face for “less than 10 seconds”, as the regimen recommends, I always felt there is another layer of BP left on my face.




I have no complain about the moisturizer itself, but BP makes your skin so dry that even with a super gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer you would still have a flaky skin. So some days I had to apply the moisturizer a few times before I wash my face again.



The amount of satisfaction with the regimen depends on your severity of acne and your expectations as far as you follow the regimen precisely. You can watch some of the YouTube videos of how much it helped over a course of a few months, so you can expect similar results on your face.

It might take a few months to clear your face if you have severe acne. In this case you have to consider if its worth the try?!

The regimen is comparatively very cheap. If you live in United States $50 a month would be one the most affordable acne treatments you can get. But keep in mind it requires patience.

Applying the regimen twice a day would take a lot of your time. Every time you apply the regimen you have to wash your face, wait for it to dry, apply the treatment, wait for it to dry, and then the moisturizer. Once you are using the regimen for 2 weeks or more you will have to use a lot of everything which would make it take even longer to dry. And imagine you have to do that twice a day every single day.

It didn’t take long for me to stop the regimen. I just couldn’t take the embarrassment of a peeling face while working and beside that it was gonna take a few more months to clear my face. If you know the side effects and you are ready to deal with go for it. Its definitely one of the best acne treatments available.


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